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Hyewon Suk is a composer and sound artist based in Berlin and Seoul. Hyewon has focused on the aural experience as a way of encountering the physical-ecological-political system in the current time and space. In her work, the act of listening has been highlighted for speculating the relationship between human/non-human, material/non-material, and subject/object. Her works encompass a range of diverse media including installation, film, fixed audio works, and audiovisual performance.  Hyewon also works with Anna Phaenarete Lioka, as the collective Odd Sonorous*. Aside from this, she has actively collaborated with diverse artists, filmmakers, and choreographers providing compositions. Hyewon was classically trained in the major of composition at Ewha Womans University and completed a masters degree at Bath Spa University majoring in Sound Arts, and at the University of Arts Berlin majoring in Sound Studies and Sonic Arts.

석혜원은 물리, 생태, 정치적 시스템으로서의 질서의 단면들을 청각 경험으로 환원한다. 작품 안에서 개인의 듣기 경험은 인간과 비인간, 물질과 비물질, 주체와 대상간의 경계를 허무는 요소로 활용되며, 기존의 질서체계에 균열을 만들수 있는지 실험한다. 현재 서울과 베를린을 기반으로 활동중이다.

Solo Exhibition | Performance | Event
2022 “S.Abligua x Odekon”, @SoundsAbout, Berlin, DE
2021 “Collision - the line has here replaced the plane”, @Project Space Yeongdeungpo, Seoul, KR
2021 “Waterside”, @SoundsAbout, CTM Vorspiel, Berlin, DE
2018 “As Above So Below”, @Wells Cathedral, Wells, UK

Group Exhibition | Performance | Event
2021 “Climate Care Festival”, @Floating University, Berlin, DE
2021 “Festival Multiplicidade”, Rio de Janeiro, BR
2020 “Die Angst eines zerlachten Seelenlebens”, @Krudebude, Leipzig, DE
2020 “Sonic Curiosities”, @Villa Kuriosum, Berlin, DE
2016 “Atelier Story”, @Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, KR

Collaboration | Films | Others
2023 Sound / Music composition for “The Infinite Gesture” by Ixchel Mendoza Hernández, @Tanzfabrik, Berlin, DE
2021 Sound / Music composition for “The multiplicity of the other” by Ixchel Mendoza Hernández, @Tanzfabrik, Berlin, DE | @Tanzhaus Zurich, Zurich, CH
2021 Collaborative Audiovisual work for “ZKM ne(x)t_generation 8.5”, Karlsruhe, DE
2021 Live acts for “WINDWALL 0.2 | THE PILOT EVENT” by Andy Vazul, Berlin, DE
2021 Teaching “Spatial Audio Workhop” on CMHK online learning platform
2020 Music composition for film “Stand By Me” by Kyungwon Jo, KR
2018 Music composition for film “Be My Luck” by Kyungwon Jo, KR
2017 Music composition for animation “Breath” by Jihyeon Ahn, KR
2017 Music composition for theatre “Switch”by Arutto Theatre, KR
2016 Music composition for theatre “About Money” by Arutto Theatre, KR
2016 Music composition for film “You Golden Me” by Kyungwon Jo, KR
2016 Music composition for exhibition “Story of the wild flower“ by Chuljoo Suk, KR

Grants | Awards | Residency
2022 Research Grant, Arts Council Korea, KR
2021 Research Grant, Seoul Art Space Mullae, KR
2021 Exhibition Grant, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, KR
2020 Residency, 24/14 residence project, Leipzig, DE

2023 MA Sound Studies and Sonic Arts, University of Arts Berlin, DE
2018 MA Sound Arts, Bath Spa University, UK
2015 BA Composition Major, Ewha Womans University, KR
2013 Study Abroad Program, University of California Davis, USA

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