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Spatila Audio Workshop

“Spatial Audio” was commissioned by CMHK as a series of videos for online learning platform in 2020.

Level : Beginner

  • Thanks to the development of technology, immersive experience has been widely used for diverse occasions from artistic practice to VR/AR industry. Accordingly, audio technology has also been required for contributing 3D experience through auditory perception. The course will cover the basic knowledge of spatialization in an audio reproduction and introduce different implications.
  • The course is aimed at musicians, artists, developers and anyone who would like to have a better understanding of spatial audio.
  • The course will consist of half theory and a half practice.
  • After finishing the course, students will be familiar with the concept of spatialization and ready to experiment on diverse speaker systems for their own purpose.

  • First Lesson :
Explanation about human auditory perception and the general idea of a spatialization in audio.
  • Second Lesson :
Introducing a channel-based audio reproduction system including stereo, 5.1 or 7.1 surround system, and multi-channel speaker array.
  • Third Lesson :
Introducing an object-based audio reproduction system and basic knowledge of ambisonic technique including the concept of encoding and decoding.
  • Fourth Lesson :
Demonstration of channel-based audio reproduction for music production or performance situation. Introducing the setting for each DAW (Reaper and Ableton Live).
  • Fifth Lesson :
Introducing ambisonic recording, plugin (encoder and decoder), binaural reproduction and its implication.
  • Sixth Lesson:
Summarize the entire lesson and additional information for implication such as free plugins and sound library as a source. 

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