Story of the wild flower


2-channel audio

“Story of the wild flower” is an audio work inspired by the paintings of renowned artist Chuljoo Suk in South Korea. The paintings by Chuljoo mainly express nature and reinterprets traditional Korean aesthetic through his own technique and style with a Western painting tradition. Following his artistic philosophy, “Story of the Wild Flower” reveals the power of nature using sound.

The movement of life starts with wind from nothing. Water leads the viewer to the interior of a dense forest. The vitality of nature returns to nothing following the law of nature, and after the nothing, the music starts again, repeating 10 minutes of a new birth. All sounds of nature used in this work were either recorded or made by Max/MSP. At each moment that the viewer passes by the speaker, they will encounter a particular moment in the circulation of nature. It could be the time of birth, or the time of extinction. The work was originally composed for Chuljoo’s solo exhibition, and it has played in several of his exhibitions.

“Atelier Story” @ Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea