Hadori 313-4

2-channel audio, single channel video

“Hadori 313-4” is  a composition for stereo audio and single channel video, inspired by a small rice mill in South Korea. After the Korean War, most of the buildings in the country had to be rebuilt, and postwar development emphasized the new at the expense of people's heritage. This factory is now in danger of disappearing, so I felt that it was important to create a sound piece before it is gone.  All sound sources used in the piece were recorded at the rice mill, with a focus on two sonic attributes: regular machine sounds, and irregular sounds like human movement or passing cars. These two gestures transform over time, from acoustic at the beginning, to synthetic at the end. The video is deliberately off-synchronized with the composition and expressed like a still image highlighting the movement and texture of the place itself. The combination of audio and video reveals the spatial characteristic and enables people to reconstitute an unfamiliar space as own nostalgia. It was exhibited through analogue television as a part of Sonic Curiosities in Berlin.

“Sonic Curiosities”
@ Villa Kuriosum,  Berlin, Germany

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