New scenery in dream for six instruments

composition for  flute, B♭ clarinet, horn, violin, viola and cello

“New scenery in dream” by Korean artist Chuljoo Suk in painted with acrylic and is a modern recreation of “Scenery in Dream” by Ankyun. Artist Chuljoo Suk uses several layers of color and shows mountain range by spreading water and erasing the color that has already been painted. The work then is a culmination of the repeated process of painting and erasing, consisting of a series of brushing for the base color, theme color, mountain range, and spreading of the mountain.

“New scenery in dream” created for six instruments—Flute, B♭clarinet, Horn, Violin, Viola and Cello—is a temporal expression of the painting process. The one note starts at the beginning and finally expands into harmony with other instruments by following the time-line of painting with dynamic, timbre and rhythmic ideas. Microtone, trill, and glissando are used to capture the effect of the spreading of the mountain range.

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