S.Abligua x Odekon


single channel video, 4-channel audio, 9min 34secs
archive(ditigal print, woods and leaves, moss, stones)

Created by Hyewon Suk and Anna Fainareti Lioka as a collective Odd Sonorous, “S.Abligua x Odekon” is a project with an experimental film with 4-channel audio and visual archives that actively adapts AI technology as a fundamental artistic imagination. The story starts with a discovery of a plant that used to make a sound and is considered extinct. Based on the AI-generated visual and verbal botanic archives, artists went on a journey to find the lost sound. Whether humans lose their ability to hear plant sounds or plant stops making a sound in the human audible range, it appears that all the ecological and social causes of disconnection between human and plant within the speculative storytelling. Odd Sonorous suggests an act of listening as a way of reconciliation and symbiosis between humans and nature.

“S.Abligua x Odekon”
@ SoundsAbout, Berlin, Germany

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