audiovisual performance

“The lake is a large tranquil eye. The lake takes all of light and makes a world out of it.
Through it, the world is already contemplated, already represented.”
– Gaston Bachelard

“Waterside” is a live audiovisual performance influenced by the French philosopher Gaston Bacherlard. In his book, Bacherlard proposed diverse material images of water arising from the matter itself rather than from the form as a way of formal imagination. As one of the four classical elements, water has an image of intimacy, flux, birth, and death, etc. “Waterside” responds to Gaston’s poetic approach by using real water as a main material of visual accompaniment. Experimenting with the relationship between audio and visual, “Waterside” uses the physicality of the sound. The visual composition is created by the physical effect of the sound and the water enables us to see this connected relationship. Especially, for the version of Berlin, “Waterside” uses the main image and sound collected from Berlin. The audience will see the city reshaped or reconstructed by the music, specifically through the lens of water. “Waterside” was lively streamed as part of CTM and transmediale’s Vorspiel 2021 at the SoundsAbout gallery. 

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