Intertwined Dialect

site-specific sound installation

“Intertwined Dialect”is a sound installation created by Hyewon Suk and Anna Fainareti Lioka as a collective Odd Sonorous. Inspired by the spatial characteristics of the Floating University, where  human and nature meet in the center of Berlin, “Intertwined dialect”  explores the sonic possibilities of symbiosis. By using machine learning  technology, specifically MelGAN-VC, the human voice is transformed in to  the voice of the birds inhabiting around us or even those that are extinct.  These new synthetic and hybrid creatures are placed back at the natural  site of Floating University and draw attention through their own voices,  creating a unique intertwined communication between the human and  the non-human entities.

“Climate Care Festival 2021”
@ Floating University, Berlin, Germany

Supported by
Seoul Foundation of Arts and Culture
Seoul Art Space Mullae

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